Kniss new mayor, Filseth vice mayor in an event that had controversy and cake

Palo Alto Daily Post – by Allison Levitsky / January 9, 2018

Palo Alto’s mayoral and vice mayoral election — normally a straightforward coronation ceremony — was accented with controversy last night after Councilman Tom DuBois raised concerns about the active state investigation into Mayor Liz Kniss’ alleged nondisclosure of campaign donations during the 2016 election.

“On completion of the investigation, if violations were found, we as a body should reconsider tonight’s vote,” DuBois said. “In the absence of a ruling, I am willing to give Liz the benefit of the doubt. I will support her for mayor tonight.”

“While supporters of a candidate often suggest that fair practices complaints arise from mere sour grapes, these rules are fundamental to ensuring a fair process for all,” DuBois said.

Despite DuBois’ comments, Kniss was elected unanimously, as was Vice Mayor Eric Filseth.

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