Get Involved

Communities thrive when neighbors take a seat at the table. Palo Alto Matters is here to help you pull up a chair.

If you care about the impacts of City action (or inaction) on traffic, parking, housing, safety, schools, noise, public transit, neighborhoods, parks, natural and historic resources, social justice, public trust …  it’s time to get in the game.

There are plenty of ways to get involved. Check out our Get Involved pages for a calendar of notable upcoming action and to connect with other Palo Altans working to realize their vision for a thriving Palo Alto. Click on the headings below for more info.

Grassroots Voices

Neighbors talk to neighbors about Palo Alto matters and next thing you know they’re mobilizing to make something happen. Whatever their issues, they are taking a stand for their community values – putting resident voices at the table in City decision making. Although Palo Alto Matters does not endorse any particular group, we support their activism. Find a group that’s working for something you care about or form your own. Raise your hand to get solutions you can live with.

Local Advocacy Organizations

In addition to your neighbors’ grassroots efforts, Palo Altans are involved with several local organizations that weigh in on Palo Alto issues and decision-making.

City Boards and Commissions

Palo Altans put in countless hours of service as a bridge between the City and the Community. Serving on a City Board, Commission or Advisory Committee is a great way to have a powerful voice in City decision making and broaden your perspective on the challenges and successes of Palo Alto’s city government.