Grassroots Voices

Your neighbors are standing up for what matters.


Hundreds of Palo Altans are taking a stand for their community values – putting resident voices at the table in public decision making. They don’t all share the same priorities, and sometimes their interests clash, but what they all have in common is a belief that Palo Alto is worth fighting for.

And they all need help:  troops on the ground (or on-line) to spread their message; people willing to attend and/or speak at City meetings; letter-writers. They need folks with fresh ideas about how to make their case or find and negotiate balanced solutions. Most importantly, they need you to pay attention to local matters and get involved.

Find a group below that shares your interest, or form your own and we’ll help spread the word.

We’re sure there are resident efforts that haven’t hit our radar screen. Please let us know who we’ve missed.

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